The left 3 dress-shaped cookies, were imprinted by Holly Products embossing sticks (elif love HP emboss sticks). Ribbons by First Impressions silicone moulds; flower and heart by Patchwork Cutters and the little baby face by Alphabet Moulds silicone moulds.

I now have an iPhone App; lovely thing. If you wish to download, named Elif’s Cookies, and obviously free. Let me please know about your thoughts if you download. Here is the link.


If I were supposed to give birth today, I would have chosen these cookies for my hospital guests (maybe I still have the chance for a second baby!). Probably because, I have decorated tens of thousands of pale pink and pale blue cookies. I really love different concepts and ideas when it comes to cookies. I hope you’ll love them too…these are the latest products from Elif’s Cookies Facility.


Welcome Baby Leyla Duru!

Fuschia colored welcome baby cookies

Tough day for me! I had hired this very nice nanny for my child, but somehow, my child could not like her. This day I realize, she actually hates my daughter (maybe too strong but does dislike)! I would want to talk to her, tell everything that is in me,but is she worth it?? She is such talented, best cook I have ever met, very clean…but

This is our last day together fortunately. My plan is no more nannies, but how about work! 🙁

Cookies! For babies. The sleeping bay figure is a First Impressions mold


Baby girl cookies!

I am currently working on opening a production facility, where I can -hopefully- grow this cookie business, into something more professional. Until now, all I could do was just rent the store, but this is mainly because I was obsessive about how I wanted it to be.
It had to be brand new, never used-rented, square shaped, very large, almost full windows (2 walls should have windows so I could get good light), heating conditions, location conditions…etc etc. I was really hard on estate agencies, but there I am. Finally rented the store, working on construction inside. It will not be anything special but takes time. I am still working, but had to sacrifice this blog and many other social media stuff. hope to be back shortly!