Fuschia colored welcome baby cookies

Tough day for me! I had hired this very nice nanny for my child, but somehow, my child could not like her. This day I realize, she actually hates my daughter (maybe too strong but does dislike)! I would want to talk to her, tell everything that is in me,but is she worth it?? She is such talented, best cook I have ever met, very clean…but

This is our last day together fortunately. My plan is no more nannies, but how about work! 🙁

Cookies! For babies. The sleeping bay figure is a First Impressions mold


Cookies were obviously for Veronika-ordered from Slovakia.

I am in the process of opening my production facility, ready for growth. I am both highly excited about this and stressed! Too much work to do but too little time. I am looking forward to posting photos of store label!


The cookies were for Russia,and as I did not have flipped R on my instruments, I had to use edible pen to write the birthday girl’s name…but black color added a nice contrast, so I loved it too.
To make the round shapes on the fish, I use drinking straws, cut the fondant with one side,and blow it out from the other side of the straw.
The butterflies are of silicone moulds by First Impressions,this was my first time use. I think it is pretty good and fun!

Face moulds are by Karen Davies, UK I assume.


These cookies were not made for Caillou for sure, but for many kids who love Caillou.