Soyhan’s Circumcision Cookies…Most items on the boy are hand-made, but the crown is silicone moulded. Most unfortunately I do not remember I had purchased the mould. It could be etsy or aworldofmoulds.

Bow tie below: First Impressions molds, silicone mould (bows)

As expected Christmas-New Year timeframe was a bankruptcy period for my personal self as it was hectic busy! Orders come at thousands (fortunately) and there is only 1-2 days to deliver all. We were well prepared this year, compared to previous years, so we are over with it by today. I can start blogging again!! 🙂

Just 2 days to go, then comes 2012, a year full of hopes and expectations!



The left 3 dress-shaped cookies, were imprinted by Holly Products embossing sticks (elif love HP emboss sticks). Ribbons by First Impressions silicone moulds; flower and heart by Patchwork Cutters and the little baby face by Alphabet Moulds silicone moulds.

I now have an iPhone App; lovely thing. If you wish to download, named Elif’s Cookies, and obviously free. Let me please know about your thoughts if you download. Here is the link.


Mario’s Cookies… the background effect is by a Wilton rolling pin…with spiral design (purple colored rolling pin)

Child faces…by a silicon mould (Karen Davies branded).
Bows…by another silicon mould (First Impressions branded)

Hair… hand made 🙂

The name imprint is by Staedter (Germany), product name Brigitte Keks…
Hope you like them!

Halloween Sugar Cookies

I already started decorating halloween cookies, baking since last week for early school parties.
The witch head and the witch hats are by FPC Sugarcraft Moulds…love it. The small ghosts and spider etc and the Halloween text on the ghost cookie…is prepared by a ‘Alphabet Moulds’ product. Another mould.

For the ‘BOO’s imprinted on green cookies, I used ‘Patchwork Cutters’ alphabet sets.

Did you bake any halloween cookies? I wanted to decorate also bats and mummies, but was caught unprepared – in terms of equipment 🙂