The girl above is my daughter and the one below is my niece…girls of my life. I made the first cookiesfor them before I started the business…Love these 2!



Fondant is easy to cut with the cookie cutter, such that the shape and size are same. With the rice paper, best to do isplace the cookie cutter over the rice paper; with food pen, fraw the boundaries of the cookie cutter…and cut with a clean pair of scissors… then it is same shape and size too. Simple but time-consuming!

Heart-shaped photo cookies…


I don’t like icing, most probably because I cannot manage it as perfectly as fondant. However, see above, it is true that writings with icing look more shiny and more 3-D…so I love the look.

Sometimes my customers ask me how I make these photo cookies. So here is the trick. You need to buy a brand new computer together with special edible ink cartridges. The paper is Lucks edible rice paper in size A4. It is as simple as getting a print out, but slightly more difficult to work with as the paper is pretty thin and can melt in hot environment or with wet fingers etc.


I just learned that noone except the mother of Zeynep was able to eat the cookies after her birthday party. Everyone was keeping in the deep freezer. I asked them why they kept it, as they could simply keep a photograph. One replied to me saying, she wanted to show it to Zeynep when she grew older; it is nothing you could show on a photograph as she stated.
And to make me feel proud, the baby’s mother told they were most delicious cookies she ever ate- such that she could not resist eating her baby’s piece. Happy birthday Zeynep, welcome to the family!

eat well forever, and stay healthy!!