My favorite cookie decorated in my favorite spot in the house- my most beloved, full of cookie decor tools, my kitchen!

My initial plan was to show a kitchen, but then I didnot like it as it was pretty simple. Removing most of the stuff, I added the lady. I like it more like this!

What is really disappointing for me today is that, I have accidentally deleted all the photos that were in my memory card. Fortunately, I had kept just 1 copy of most cookies’ photos.

Winter is coming slowly and that is on one side very bad news for me as I love summer! But on the other hand, it is much better for the cookie business. I can produce almost 40% more cookies with same amount of ingredients during cold weather. It is also totally easier to work with fondant when it is chilly!


cookies baked with love…


I am an academic person, also a professional. Finished 3 colleges, from BSc to MSc; and am working at Dell. My brain is usually pretty much occupied with work, money, finance, prices, at home girl & hubby, family…etc etc. But then, one thing gets me into the kitchen to ignore everything and focus on colors, and simple stuff…a bit of art sometimes. We should have hobbies! Mine iscookie decorating since I discovered the fun 2 years ago! If anyone interested, I would be more than happy to support and share the tricks!
These are one of the very first cookies I had decorated. In a few days I will share the first ones with no decoration, so that you can see how this develops. A few trials and you are a good decorator.


Face cookies for a beautiful lady!

Sometimes I am too hard on myself, I am very ambitious and hard on myself! Just found out I have an issue with my chin bones, as I was pushing mt teeth at all times, especially while asleep. I will need to work less, and stress less!!