From a boyfriend to her girlfriend….

Most details were hand-made, so these are pretty time-consuming.

The ribbon is made by a mould (branded First Impressions). Heart shape is a PME plunger cutter if I am not mistaken. The faces are molded by Karen Davies branded silicone moulds.ahh, and the flower again plunger cutters, by PME.  Names are imprinted by Staedter letter embossers (for more details see www.tortissimo.de and click cookie cutters/letters etc)…Brigitte Keks is the name of letter embosser product.

Hope the info is useful enough; this is the best I can provide at this stage. and I hope you like the cookies, hand-made, home-made.


I am being asked about the dantela effect on the sides of the cookies…I use crimpers to do that (mainly serrated ones as they give dots).

I usually buy ready-made fondant, because 1- it is ready, I have to put no eddort to it; 2- It is more delicious because they add chocolate scent (it gets the taste) 3- It is easier to work with, because it is soft by default but you can easily harden it (much simpler then trying to soften a hard piece) 4- You get no dry cracks

so why make your own??!


Forever friends cookies.

I am not member to a sports club, where I can access swimming pool, gym etc… so I have very little time to spend on the blog… forgive me these days, but I need to seriously exercise and get back in shape… consume all fats created with cookies!! 🙂