We give away almond candies at our weddings for visiting guests, with a little gift accompanying. The last few years, I have realized a need for change, as some people preferred something different and unique. So I decorated these cookies.

Since then, there is so single month without decorating a bride and groom. The minimum order would start at 250 cookies, so nned to know in advance. These are also one of the most difficult cookies to prepare as there are many details involved.


Brides and Grooms are usually the most difficult cookies to prepare given that hair and veils are hand-made, time-consuming. Eyes are another one! These ones are simpler however all customers prefer the one with eyes, hair etc.On the other hand, these are also the most ordered cookies in terms of amount, as they serve weddings. I spend quite much time baking and decorating bride-groom cookies, usually hundreds!


There must be even more of these cookies; but I was lazy to check for more… of those ten thousands of bride-grooms cookies, these are a few samples. I was also posting before some photos, and these come in addition.

Every time I decorate bride-groom cookies I am in pain. I cannot stop saying to myself that I would have wanted them in my wedding, that is why I always strongly recommend any couple who call me for prices- to just go for it. As I had my wedding 5 years ago; long before I started the business, I decorate them for my beloved ones. But every time, I feel it in me. I should have had these. Maybe I should remember that on our wedding anniversary to celebrate with friends at some point 🙂 They look gorgeous on guest tables, perfectly completing any concept.
I don’t know if I shared this on a post before, but I am actually a professional. I work for Dell (proudly) and given that I am an expatriate in my hometown, I usually work from home. Sometimes, I try to prove myself that working from home is sometimes disadvantageous, in that it makes you anti-social, etc. However, that has never been the case for me. What is good about it is that, I don’t feel upset about having hired a nanny for my child, I wake up any time I want, it is never too late, I never feel the stress of starting the day early to rush to office, I can bake cookies during lunch break or in any 10 minutes instead of losing my time at cafes, I can get sick and not stress about the next day’s job-to-finish, etc etc etc… It is a dream to be able to work from home, and therefore I reject to even go for an interview to any other company. Who else would give me such a privilege! Working from home does not mean laziness however; if you dont work, you end up missing deadlines, so it is important to put yourself under an organized discipline.

My flat is therefore my home, my professional career + my personal business (cookies) and other businesses (wedding web portal etc). It is difficult to believe that I don’t spend much time at home as I love outside activities more.