Ece the blonde, at her 31st birthday received these cookies as a gift. It was supposed to remind spring with many flowers…


I started working 6 days a week. This cookie business has never been a job to myself as I genuinely loved decorating my cookies (and worst of all eating them!). On Saturdays, I give trainings to those who wish to learn the way I use fondant. What is making me happy is that, I have worked with so many people who have travelled all the way from other cities (and countries!) just for my course program. If I would die for something similar, I would certainly do the same; yet nothing of interest until now! Any suggestions??

Hope you like my flowers!


24th of November is the day when we celebrate Teacher’s Day. These cookies were delivered to a kindergarden on Teacher’s Day of 2010, from the mother of one of the students. As kids love animals, we selected bears, cats, fish, rabbits, butterflies etc.

Fondant is really wonderful to work with, while I find icing a bit difficult and messy to use. Fondant rolls out easily and it is much more different than somehow painting with icing. Also, I dont have to wait for a drying period to keep working with different colors. This is simply why I prefer always to work with fondant.
Happy Teacher’s Day to all teachers around the world!


These cookies were not made for Caillou for sure, but for many kids who love Caillou.