Pheww, I have been such busy over the past few weeks (I know I always say the same thing, but too much work and too much stress allowed me to sleep only very little- I AM exhausted), but hey hey here I am. No job for today, it is Friday. Dell work ends and latest cookie delivery is ready waiting for the customer. What next? I will give myself a nice long holiday this weekend, and apologizingly refuse any incoming order! This weekend is mine. This very right moment, I feel happy and relaxed, although tired.

Here are my latest tooth party works (hundreds of other photos are pending for post, I’ll have to make a summary and maybe not post all).


Simple but cute. For the ribbon, I used First Impressions branded silicone mold of bows. I am mostly asked about how I imprint the names. A tool by Staedter (German brand); product name Brigitte Keks (sold at


I started adding colorful details to tooth themed cookies; most probably because I am bored of same thing always. This would however be tricky, as customers see the cookies first time, and they prefer it as it is on my sales website!


First cookie is above, and second set below…I was always in love with colorful cookies, from a trip to Vienna. I had no idea about a product, fondant so my mom brought me this orange, worst color ever rolled fondant to play around. and here is what I have baked and decorated with no equipment or decor materials.

The tooth set was the second study I had made for my daughter’s first tooth celebration. Given the interest/encouragement from my guests, I kept doing this. The cake is however my first…the sheep’s eyes were simply stickers 🙂
I learned at this party that 1 cookie per guest is never enough! The very little flower was my ever favorite at the time…whereas I almost never use them today…unless the customer asks for it.