I had created all following cookies at different times for the customers of a restoration company. Baskets containing 50 cookies per customer, mainly insurance companies… I was then able to work with BMS (American origin) on production facility work.

All the tools: Alphabet moulds branded silicone mould

Engineer face: Karen Davies branded silicone mouldFlower: PME plunger cutter


Photo/Logo cookiesfor corporates are usually boring. This set went to the Purchasing Department of MGB, Metro; with concepts: ‘Customer is King’, and ‘Lions of Purchasing’

Summer has been nice; I have baked many cookiesbut not as many as I would do in winter. Simply because I was travelling almost every other week. I work as a professional but I had saved a lot of days of after giving birth. I mainly travelled in Turkey towards south and south west. Bodrum and Antalya.

Bodrum is my favorite destination for summer holiday, ever.Especially the Göltürkbükü district. Great and clean sea, it is cooler than Antalya but still very hot, nights are fun. Boat tours are arranged everywhere and it is more boutique style. All you get in Antalya is all inclusives, and that is the biggest mistake for me when selecting holiday hotels. At such big hotels you have to walk to get to the seaside and helloooo if you forgot something in the room.I am on holiday, it is hot and I have to walk tons! NO! Food is another thing.At boutique hotels, it is always best quality and served for you. All inclusives; you have to wait in queues at rush hours. A la Carte restaurants are also booked full time full days!


Cookies bear the logo of a university- to be delivered after the PhD exam of a candidate…we wish all the best and much of luck & success.