Pheww, I have been such busy over the past few weeks (I know I always say the same thing, but too much work and too much stress allowed me to sleep only very little- I AM exhausted), but hey hey here I am. No job for today, it is Friday. Dell work ends and latest cookie delivery is ready waiting for the customer. What next? I will give myself a nice long holiday this weekend, and apologizingly refuse any incoming order! This weekend is mine. This very right moment, I feel happy and relaxed, although tired.

Here are my latest tooth party works (hundreds of other photos are pending for post, I’ll have to make a summary and maybe not post all).


everone loves these cookies, the tooth shaped ones

do you??


Whenever the first tooth of our baby peeks through, we celebrate it by giving a party to our family, usually a few months before 1st birthday. We have some traditions to it. We place a number of items representing occupations on the floor (ie a sthetescope for a doctor, a calculator for a financial analyst or accountant, a book for academic career, maybe a laptop for a computer engineer, scissors for a tailor, brush for an artist etc). The first object the baby selects tells you what occupation he/she will choose in the future. My daughter selected the sthetescope so we will know by experience if this works 🙂

The day is named ‘Tooth Wheat’ as we cook and handout wheat to our guests. Those who love it sweet ornament the wheat with fruits, dry fruits, sugar, chocolate etc… and those who love it salty can add salt and yoghurt… Turkish traditions 🙂


Tooth cookies have become a classic for my organization.