Happy weekend, everyone! This weekend has been a nice one for myself, so I am happy! After 18 years, I have met, yesterday, my high school mates…and we kept on as if we had never stopped. I loved every minute of it.

and today we are attending a boat show
where my hubby will want to choose our next toy for sailing. He is so much into it, so I believe we might start living in a boat during some summer nights in a few years. First, we have to move our house next July…this is how we agreed. 🙂

Inbetween, I will be working on lots of good things and I am ready to get it going. Blog posts, both Turkish and English, wedding website software, maybe also in English….I am super pumped about it! The plan was also to open an eBay & Etsy store, as I found out I can import the cookies whereever. But this one will be pending for another while. Have no time! Seriously no time.

Below (and above) my cookies for a repair company! Hope you like them.


The faces-Karen Davies silicone moulds

The hats – hand-made 🙂

Repair equipment – silicone mould by Alphabet Moulds.

BMS imprint – letters imprinter I could say… Brigitte Keks by Staedter (MUST HAVE)

Large flowers and large leaves – Plunger cutters by PME

Small Flowers – Patchwork cutters; small leaves-hand-made

Backgrounnd design… the cookies on top were rolled by a rolling pin, by RVO Rosa’s Designs

The flower imprint, left bottom cookies… Embossing sticks by Holly Products


There are tons of other details, but I try to post about most important equipment. If you see something and wish to know which tool was used, simply ask at comments section. Hope this is useful enough.

Once again, HAPPY WEEKEND!



Snoopy…pretty simple to make, if you have the cutter. I had purchased the cookie cutter at cheapcookiecutters COM

Bow…silicone mould by First Impressions
The red roof effect… by Patchwork Cutters.
For the edible pen, I prefer the Americolor brand…

Halloween Sugar Cookies

I already started decorating halloween cookies, baking since last week for early school parties.
The witch head and the witch hats are by FPC Sugarcraft Moulds…love it. The small ghosts and spider etc and the Halloween text on the ghost cookie…is prepared by a ‘Alphabet Moulds’ product. Another mould.

For the ‘BOO’s imprinted on green cookies, I used ‘Patchwork Cutters’ alphabet sets.

Did you bake any halloween cookies? I wanted to decorate also bats and mummies, but was caught unprepared – in terms of equipment 🙂

Fuschia colored welcome baby cookies

Tough day for me! I had hired this very nice nanny for my child, but somehow, my child could not like her. This day I realize, she actually hates my daughter (maybe too strong but does dislike)! I would want to talk to her, tell everything that is in me,but is she worth it?? She is such talented, best cook I have ever met, very clean…but

This is our last day together fortunately. My plan is no more nannies, but how about work! 🙁

Cookies! For babies. The sleeping bay figure is a First Impressions mold