I love Santa Claus. That is why the cute oldie Santa Claus face was my choice for the Dell New Year event-despite the difficulty. I decorated lots of Santa cookies for everyone (except myself).

I am suffering from Hypoglisemia, most probably due to an inbalanced diet from ‘living abroad’ days; so I try not to eat any cookies. People ask me how I can survive/sell without tasting them. I cannot think of eating one cookie at every baking session. I would most probably collapse like a balloon! I know the taste; every time it is same cookie/same taste…so I am never worried. I do this as a business, I love cookies, but when I look at my work, all I see is poison. Seriously!


What is most unfortunate for myself is that, I bakes thousands of Christmas-New Year cookiesfor 2011, but I myself had no chance to celebrate. We had spent the previous week at hospital, due to a virus my daughter had caught. The New Year day was a great opportunity to get some rest. It feels nonsense to stay at home and watch TV to celebrate so we did almost nothing.

All that is special about New Year’s day was the fireworks, my daughter has seen for first time in her 2.5 year life!


All my dreams are filled with Christmas cookies these days! Seriously! I see red everywhere! Added with green, yellow, white a bit of brown! I want to decorate something totally different next time! Fully pastel maybe !?
HAPPY 2010 CHRISTMAS! (Well, I am not yet done with Christmas, or alternatively New Year cookies.. will be wishing you the same on another set of photos… I even did not tahe photos of most of my work… Hundreds were decorated and packed every day!)