I have this dream (well idea) to change my home into office + home. I have a large living room, by the house gate, so I hope to divide into two, such that the area closer to the door would be the office, and I would close the home pieve where we would have our sofas and TV. Just a thought for these days, but I believe this will be needed sooner or later. I am not in a rush as a shared kitchen is not helping either. I might want to move out to a real office sooner or later. So waiting!

I love to decorate different baby shower cookies, but mothers love these shapes so much that every time, I end up decorating the same cookies 🙂 They seem to be my forever models.


Welcome baby Gülce! She looks as pretty as on the cookie!


Last week Ece (my baby) and I were in Budapest with Matej & Lucia, my friends from Slovakia. As they had arranged every detail about our trip (from hiring a baby car seat to flat rental), I had no issues travelling alone with Ece. we simply enjoyed the view and food, and greatest company of my friends. eh, also a bit of shopping (well pretty much of it I have to admit). But no decoration supplies for my cookies, as I had no time to investigate. There might be some shops as I came across with a store where they sold cookies with icing.


You could see on her face, she was so happy on the trip!


When I talk about baby cookies, stork and bundle are for me ‘not without’ options. My certain favorites! Moms mostly like the body cookies whyever, but I’ll always go for stork & bundle
I always feel like someone from family is born when I hear the expected baby is born after the baby shower party I as well prepared for/took part in.


‘Bebek’ means ‘Baby’ in Turkish. Because we did not know the name of the baby but just the gender, I decorated no name cookies. Funny enough, Ece, my daughter already started with the baby- she is a friend in the neighborhood. Time is passing by very quickly; summer is already there. It is just like yesterday that the weather started getting cold. How come!