AUM cookies were for a yoga class of Chris Chavez.

Tough day today! I was called by police, suggesting, my ID was stolen and details were passed onto terrrorists, my phones were being listened to for 3 months. They realized I wasnt guilty, but I had to go to court in 14 days. I was told about all the details, for a long while ove rthe phone. It came to some point that I cried. They even asked me to call police station, and hear the operator machine and cget connected to the manager, and so did I (because I asked them why they would call me instead of coming to my home and taking me to court).

There he was. My ID information was used to withdraw some money/credits etc from the banks.

So I believed they were police. But then once they started asking me about my bank account and all the details, I realized I was being cheated!! (they said they wanted me simply to cancel my phone number at the bank… I know it would not stop there, they would ask for some money).

I told them there was a police station nearby and I would want to shake hands with one of the officers to go to the bank

They said, “OK, but do not close the phone.”

While talking, I took my car’s keys and headed towards police station which was nearby. At the moment I arrived there, they hung up the call. !! Then I cried again to one of the police officer’s, warning them first that there was nothing important, but I would be able to tell them only after I calmed down.

I still cannot believe I have been through such an unbelievable and extremely professional scenario! I was so shaked all day! No cookie decoration today, but I have this photo from the previous days…