Baby girl cookies!

I am currently working on opening a production facility, where I can -hopefully- grow this cookie business, into something more professional. Until now, all I could do was just rent the store, but this is mainly because I was obsessive about how I wanted it to be.
It had to be brand new, never used-rented, square shaped, very large, almost full windows (2 walls should have windows so I could get good light), heating conditions, location conditions…etc etc. I was really hard on estate agencies, but there I am. Finally rented the store, working on construction inside. It will not be anything special but takes time. I am still working, but had to sacrifice this blog and many other social media stuff. hope to be back shortly!


  1. Anonymous says

    These are so adorable. I am sure your business will be a great success. Keeping you in my thoughts after reading news.