I was asked today by Dana about the fondant recipe I use. Here is one I work with (the one prepared with marshmallows is easier – and surely quicker to prepare….I can post that one later too). Here is the recipe I use:

*900 gr sugar (confectiners’)


*1/2 tablespoon gelatin (no flavor) (7,5 ml)


*30 ml. water (1/4 cup) – room temperature


*1 tablespoon glycerin (15 ml)


*1/2 cup.glycose (125 ml)


*1 teaspoon lemon juice


*1/2 teaspoon margarine (no color no odor)



* Sprinkle gelatin over water, and wait for 2-3 minutes so it gets swollen. Then keep the gelatin bowl in microwave for around 5 seconds (or until the gelatin melts). If you dont have microwave, boil some water in a pan, and place the gelatin bowl over that pan, until gelatin melts. Note however that gelatin should not get too hot.


* Then add corn syrup (glucose), glycerin and lemon juice (filtered) to the gelatin mixture and stir until it melts and gets smooth.


* Sift more than half of sugar in a separate bowl (glass bowls are preferable) and make a hole(emptiness) in the middle of it.


* Filter the mixture you had prepared and pour into the middle of confectioners’ sugar. Use wooden spoon to mix slowly, and make the mixture sticky.


* Take this sticky mixture (fondant), and by adding the remaining sugar slowly, knead on a smooth surface until you are happy with the density. It should be pliable enough to work with, and hard enough to not stick.


* Rub your hands with some margarin, and continue kneading (which helps fondant to become silky and really smooth).


* Wrap in stretch-and place in plastic bag so it does not dry out.


It gets easily dry, in such cases, you might place the fondant into microwave for a few seconds (you can do so before use), or keep in cooling oven for a while etc. Some water might help too, but water should be used carefully. If fondant gets too sticky at some point (especially after dying), you might knead with some flour.