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Patchwork cutters(PC) company produces embossers that you can use with anything. Nikon brand is made by these letter cutters from PC.  excuse any errors, it was 5 am when I could just start decorating this cake, and I had very little time given the extremely sleepy mood of mine! 🙂

Disney Princesses Birthday Party

I had prepared Disney Princesses cookies, and quick cake for Naz on her birthday party. If I remember correctly, I had used angel shaped cookie cutter to make these. Very little use of equipment, but still pretty easy to make.

Fuschia colored welcome baby cookies

Tough day for me! I had hired this very nice nanny for my child, but somehow, my child could not like her. This day I realize, she actually hates my daughter (maybe too strong but does dislike)! I would want to talk to her, tell everything that is in me,but is she worth it?? She is such talented, best cook I have ever met, very clean…but

This is our last day together fortunately. My plan is no more nannies, but how about work! 🙁

Cookies! For babies. The sleeping bay figure is a First Impressions mold


Cookies to celebrate arrival of first tooth… I had prepared these for miscellaneous reasons/parties. Statistically, I do more cookies for boys then girls. Pretty interesting! I love these cookies a lot because they are the reason why I started this business. My baby’s ‘first tooth’ celebration party! 🙂

Busy with the construction of production facility, I spend lots of time with workers. Between dust and wood, I have no inspiration/motivation for new designs.