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I purchased these cutters at The chin piece is abit tough to make, but end result is worth it. Is that not!? As a Mickey – Minnie fan, buying these cutters was the best decision I have made 🙂
It is those times of the year I decided to grow cookie cusiness into something more institutional. I always dreamt of running a boutique and very romantic store; maybe just about time I should try! Anyone to recommend me candy like nice but budget-friendly decorations, I would be happiest to know 🙂


Simple but cute. For the ribbon, I used First Impressions branded silicone mold of bows. I am mostly asked about how I imprint the names. A tool by Staedter (German brand); product name Brigitte Keks (sold at


I was asked today by Dana about the fondant recipe I use. Here is one I work with (the one prepared with marshmallows is easier – and surely quicker to prepare….I can post that one later too). Here is the recipe I use:

*900 gr sugar (confectiners’)


*1/2 tablespoon gelatin (no flavor) (7,5 ml)


*30 ml. water (1/4 cup) – room temperature


*1 tablespoon glycerin (15 ml)


*1/2 cup.glycose (125 ml)


*1 teaspoon lemon juice


*1/2 teaspoon margarine (no color no odor)



* Sprinkle gelatin over water, and wait for 2-3 minutes so it gets swollen. Then keep the gelatin bowl in microwave for around 5 seconds (or until the gelatin melts). If you dont have microwave, boil some water in a pan, and place the gelatin bowl over that pan, until gelatin melts. Note however that gelatin should not get too hot.


* Then add corn syrup (glucose), glycerin and lemon juice (filtered) to the gelatin mixture and stir until it melts and gets smooth.


* Sift more than half of sugar in a separate bowl (glass bowls are preferable) and make a hole(emptiness) in the middle of it.


* Filter the mixture you had prepared and pour into the middle of confectioners’ sugar. Use wooden spoon to mix slowly, and make the mixture sticky.


* Take this sticky mixture (fondant), and by adding the remaining sugar slowly, knead on a smooth surface until you are happy with the density. It should be pliable enough to work with, and hard enough to not stick.


* Rub your hands with some margarin, and continue kneading (which helps fondant to become silky and really smooth).


* Wrap in stretch-and place in plastic bag so it does not dry out.


It gets easily dry, in such cases, you might place the fondant into microwave for a few seconds (you can do so before use), or keep in cooling oven for a while etc. Some water might help too, but water should be used carefully. If fondant gets too sticky at some point (especially after dying), you might knead with some flour.


AUM cookies were for a yoga class of Chris Chavez.

Tough day today! I was called by police, suggesting, my ID was stolen and details were passed onto terrrorists, my phones were being listened to for 3 months. They realized I wasnt guilty, but I had to go to court in 14 days. I was told about all the details, for a long while ove rthe phone. It came to some point that I cried. They even asked me to call police station, and hear the operator machine and cget connected to the manager, and so did I (because I asked them why they would call me instead of coming to my home and taking me to court).

There he was. My ID information was used to withdraw some money/credits etc from the banks.

So I believed they were police. But then once they started asking me about my bank account and all the details, I realized I was being cheated!! (they said they wanted me simply to cancel my phone number at the bank… I know it would not stop there, they would ask for some money).

I told them there was a police station nearby and I would want to shake hands with one of the officers to go to the bank

They said, “OK, but do not close the phone.”

While talking, I took my car’s keys and headed towards police station which was nearby. At the moment I arrived there, they hung up the call. !! Then I cried again to one of the police officer’s, warning them first that there was nothing important, but I would be able to tell them only after I calmed down.

I still cannot believe I have been through such an unbelievable and extremely professional scenario! I was so shaked all day! No cookie decoration today, but I have this photo from the previous days…