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I had put a lot of thought into the preparation of this set.Should they be colorful, or simply pink-themed! All same cookies to hand out, or all different (which is difficult for sure). That was the selection, hope you like my electric colored Hello Kittys. My daughter’s birthday is approaching, and I should look into selecting a theme for herself too, maybe Snowglobe? Any ideas for something special and unique??
The lower level of the birthday cake is fake! Styrofoam! I still keep it, very useful to leverage tons of times for different parties… and to add a bit of magnificent outlook to the cakes.
The lollipops are also supported with Hello Kitty stickers…in line with party theme. Handed out to everyone.
And finally Marshmallows. I liked them so little that we did not add marshmallows to the menu 🙂

Dell cake

A cake for Dell distributors with the famous logo & slogan; celebrating 2nd place in the market.

I work for DELL, so we end up baking/decorating/eating cakes/cookies pretty often. Here is another one, decorated for an event. The message is ‘Together, we make difference’.


Ashamed to say, blogs are closed as of March 2011 in Turkey. One member has made a legal mistake (well not a mistake, intentional action), therefore access to blogspot has been blocked by court. I believe it will come back, but till then, we have to wait. A DNS change or connection through a different country’s VPN helps… but not everyone knows that!

Photos are from a training session with Sabahnur, who chose to take personal class.

All cookies below are Sabahnur’s production during the class.