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I have received a request to give more details into how I decorate my cookies. The problem is I bake and decorate in such a hurry that I always have no time to take photos step by step. But I am usually pretty sure fondant lovers would easily recognize what equipment I use. Please do let me know through comments if you would like to ask about a specific cookie, so I can give more details.

But overall speaking most of these cookies were embossed with Patchwork Cutters. Faces are molded by Karen Davies products… The letters are by Wilton…


I have made these cookies for a birthday party with ladybug theme. I would normally wish to go for more of an oval shape for the ladybug, but thebaby’s mom wished to have everything rounded, and with a large cute face on the insect…so here they are.

I made the eyes with silver dragees, so nothing special really…


…in pastel colors


These cookies were for a couple who invited 600 people to their wedding, and wanted to leave these boxes onto the tables, so their guests would enjoy.
I had to work real hardly, but it makes me proud to be able to deliver big work with no issues.

There are many lovers who ask me for a few pairs of tehse couples to propose; that is why I remembered to take a photo with diamond ring. That is my very own for sure but they came without cookies!! 🙂