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As Christmas has arrived and the New Year’s Eve is approaching, these cookies are the hot style today. Tomorrow, I will be decorating Christmas cookies (and maybe even more) for a TV show, so I was getting prepared for it the whole day. On the other hand, I had to prepare this nice Christmas tree for a lover as a gift to his girlfriend. Therefore the additional heart cookies combined w/ Christmas theme. Have a nice Christmas and enjoy your family dinner!!


Colorful Birthday Cookies. I prepared for a married couple as a surprise on lady’s birthday.
After the cookies were delivered, I started receiving calls from colleagues of the lady, asking if they could eat the cookies, or if they could buy similar baskets for their kids.
I used on these cookies mostly Patchwork Cutters embossers. On gingerbreads, I used textured rolling pin.
The stationery is attached as well… the card attached to the basket as well as the stickers.


The pink cookies were for girls, and blue for boys. All note shaped cookies were delivered to a piano recital, as gifts to the piano students. To emboss names, I used Brigitte Keks alphabet set by Staedter.



Delivered to Germany, these cookies were for my uncle and aunt. I am in favor of decorating most cookies in pastel colors and that is why these are one of my favorites. The heart shapes were embossed with the Floral Fantasy Mat by Wilton.