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I had made these cookies for a 3-year-old-to-be girl. She loved orange, therefore the color. When I was a child, there was no other color for me but pink. I have to admit however, that I got slightly bored with pale pink after I gave birth. Anything you buy for a girl has to be light pink, as this is what they sell in the market; so that everything is matching. At first, it is fun; but then after a while it gets boring. Nowadays I buy all reds, greens, oranges for my baby girl, so that she is more colorful and I myself am more cheerful 🙂

The spiral shape on orange fondant was the effect from a rolling pin by Wilton (namely spiral rolling pin). Butterflies and flowers are injector cutters. These are to me more of spring time cookies!


These cookies are great for the celebration of your baby’s first tooth/teeth. I love also the rabbits with teeth, but prettiest is the tooth embossed with your baby’s name on it. For girls, I would use flowers and ribbons for hair (as if there is some hair); and for boys I prefer as below, also stars on top left or top right.

The eyes are pearl candies; everything else is as well edible!

For the mouth I use modelling tools, however you can use any kind of equipment that bears the shape 🙂 Let me know if you get to find something useful and easy to find.


Baby cookies are one of my favorites, mainly because I started decorating cookies after I became a mom! These pictured here were one of the very first cookies I had baked and decorated. Since then, I have made thousands of baby cookies; and realized the ‘baby boy’ figure is one of the favorites amongst mothers.
(The bear embossed on middle body cookie is by Patchwork Cutters)

Moms love to have different options, from baby bottle to baby socks etc. When it comes to kids, I have to cook the perfectly same cookie within the whole arrangement- so that kids do not quarrel to get to eat a certain shape. Lovely!
The cookies are from ancient times of my cookie decoration business! I believe these were the first professional ‘Welcome Baby’ cookies – found them on ‘To be posted’ items and could not resist myself, despite the old-fashioned style of myself 🙂
Looking at them, all I see is how anti-professional I could be. Mainly the photos and the backgrounds I used are very amateur! It is fun to look back and see how I improved many things 🙂


I made these cookies for a couple with initials D & E, the big letters were cut by Wilton alphabet cutter set. I loe them especially when I need to name initials, also on cakes to write a message.