I dislike to repeat myself. Best is to always decorate different cookies. Every time, I will try to make a change, even if the customer orders perfectly same cookie. Here is one example, where I could only change the flower on the head / hat -however you see it. Henna night cookies, a replica of ‘henna dress’ of bride-to-be.


The henna night is a special day for Turkish bride-to-be; some night similar to the bachelorette parties. Turkish bride-to-be get together with female friends and family members a couple of days before their wedding to celebrate.
There are many different traditions about dying hands with a piece of henna, but most interesting part is when everyone sings together to get the bride-to-be to cry. The folk songs sang together mention about mom’s and dad’s most beloved leaving her home. The dress is special for the girl: a red dress with a red veil – therefore the cookie in such design.
How henna dyes hand is as follows: it is kneaded with water, placed on a tray or special basket full of red veils-surrounded by candles…and brought to the room in company of the young girls attending the party. When it is time to dye the hand of bride-to-be, she usually does not open her hand until her mother-in-law places a piece of gold in her hand. Only after then the hand is opened and henna is placed in her palm.
After the henna ceremony, a party is held with music to enjoy.
Recently, henna nights have become traditional also in high society (it was popular in villages before)- I did give such a party, but I might have done it had I married these years. Just for fun.


In Turkey, we love to celebrate…about everything. Before we marry, after we marry, before we give birth, after, etc etc. A henna night is similar to a bachelorette party… however, funny enough we do both. This is a custom amongst Turkish people, but some people consider it traditional and some celebrate in a modern way.

Basically, the girlfriends and female relatives of the bride are invited for a henna party (night) to the bride’s house or outside to a rented place if crowded. The night is arranged for dancing and partying, so guests are welcome with food and drink.
What is typical about this night is the henna and the red dress bride-to-be wears. The cookie shows the traditional dress and the red veil. There is always glitter hand decorated stuff on the dress, therefore I made the embossing and painted.
Then while the guests sing special songs to make the bride cry (they usually succeed with the atmosphere), everyone is given a bit of henna to put into their plam and keep for a while. The henna paints the palm in orange color.

In summary, I made these cookies for a henna night party… depicting the bride-to-be preparing for henna night 🙂