Bengü has had a serious operation on her boobs, so her friend wanted to celebrate the good news after the operation. I therefore decorated cookies with big boobs to highlight the issue!
I have finally become institutional; I have my own bills. Having worked more than 12 years professionally, it is weird for me – I was always against doing my own business, being more career-oriented… but as a side job, cookies are fun and colorful – and I love it, so for now I am fine with writing bills and paying tax 🙂
Geçmiş Olsun means GET WELL in Turkish. The dark blue-yellow bead-like fondant is a superstitious belief to keep bad eyes away- to protect whoever is in need.


Our women organize frequent gettogethers. In time, every member in a friend group is visited by other members in a certain timeframe, ie weekly. This goes on and on amongst housewives.

We welcome our guests with special food, and the orange cookies with flowers were prepared for such a day bearing the name of each friend.

The flowers are made by the use of First Impressions silicon mold, and the leaves by injector cutters. The rest are various embossers, ones I always use.


Super gifts for your doctor! Very easy to make. For the hair of girl cookies, I used sugarcraft gun. Very handy equipment to use. The embossers on red hearts are (top) by Patchwork Cutters, (bottom) by Holly Products