Mickey and Minnie Mouse cookies were for a brother and sister.

I’ll be travelling end of this month to US, desperately busy accordingly; but also looking for opportunities to buy lots of decorating supplies. Looking forward!!


Happy Saturdays! Just realized -as usual with me- it’s been a long while since my last post.

Truly, I’ve been swamped with so many projects; production facility +  wedding portal website + daughter (biggest job!!) + home + new house to move plus plus plus some minor stuff. I love the blog, and would want to post daily. I will get there sooner or later; need to surpass these days.

To start it off, I want to share Pinocchio cookies I had prepared for an ‘Age 1 Birthday Party’.

Pinocchio is hand-made. I spent hours decorating these cookies, because you can get no pinocchio themed products in the market – it is not very popular amongst kids. Most likely because it is not on screen.

Just the bow is moulded by First Impressions silicone mould. The rest are hand-made. Below are also some other products I had prepared for the party.



Snoopy…pretty simple to make, if you have the cutter. I had purchased the cookie cutter at cheapcookiecutters COM

Bow…silicone mould by First Impressions
The red roof effect… by Patchwork Cutters.
For the edible pen, I prefer the Americolor brand…

Disney Princesses Birthday Party

I had prepared Disney Princesses cookies, and quick cake for Naz on her birthday party. If I remember correctly, I had used angel shaped cookie cutter to make these. Very little use of equipment, but still pretty easy to make.