Cows & Sheep

As I work full-time, it took me too long to get the store finalized. (Not store but production facility). While working on it, I could not say ‘no’ to any support offer; so these cookies were prepared for the two, who spent a reasonably long time for me on a Saturday, although they were not supposed to. Good news is, the facility is ready, but I need to do some applications and then wait, and then probably do revisions, and then and then… will this ever end!!


Valentine cookies created at various times for various people…

Suffering these days due to bureaucracy; need to get some kind of permission from Food Ministry, so I can grow the business, but so many documents, health reports, lots of stuff to prepare. Even the store needs to be organized/decorated/equiooed accordingly as required. Every second I find myself in rush (but real rush) for something, either the child, or the cookie business, or the wedding business, or Dell, my real daytime job. With so many hats in hand, I am unable to deal with computer stuff, mainly the blogs. Sorry about that if you are following me, but as always promised, I am really doing my best. The cookies below are not so specific, pretty simple to prepare, but feel free to comment me, şf you wish to ask about any product / cookie / or equipment I’ve used.


I had created all following cookies at different times for the customers of a restoration company. Baskets containing 50 cookies per customer, mainly insurance companies… I was then able to work with BMS (American origin) on production facility work.

All the tools: Alphabet moulds branded silicone mould

Engineer face: Karen Davies branded silicone mouldFlower: PME plunger cutter


If I were supposed to give birth today, I would have chosen these cookies for my hospital guests (maybe I still have the chance for a second baby!). Probably because, I have decorated tens of thousands of pale pink and pale blue cookies. I really love different concepts and ideas when it comes to cookies. I hope you’ll love them too…these are the latest products from Elif’s Cookies Facility.


Welcome Baby Leyla Duru!